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5 december 2012
Sociologisk forskning nr 4 2012
The Compromised Researcher: Issues in Feminist Research Methodologies*
This is an article about researcher vulnerability. It is about how feminist researchers, among whom I include myself, are affected by and affect the research that we do, about the emotional structures that accompany our work and how we deal with them. Researcher vulnerability is not often talked about (but see Flood-Ryan and Gill 2010), certainly not outside anthropological and specific sociological fields such as criminology. After all, as researchers we are either learning the trade of how to conduct research, or once trained and in possession of our PhD, we are meant to exercise our trade, conduct research, as masters, or should I say mistresses, of what we do. There is therefore not much room for vulnerability, and, in so far as we show it, or it is attributed to us, we make ourselves vulnerable not only within our research but also within our profession., Själagårdsgatan 17, 111 31 Stockholm, 08-20 28 68,