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2 februari 2007
Sociologisk forskning nr 1 2007
Recension: Wennerhag, Holm, Lindgren, Nordvall, Sörbom: Aktivister: Sociala forum, globala sociala rörelser och demokratins förnyelse.
Some years ago, I was a partner in an EU project on the "transformation of environmental activism" (TEA for short). Like many such projects in the social sciences, much of the time and money was devoted to quantitative research. The first part consisted of so-called content analysis, in which we counted and compared articles on environmental protest events that had been published in a newspaper in each country between 1987 and 1997. For Sweden, we chose Dagens Nyheter, and for over a year, my assistants and I "coded" several hundred DN articles according to a list of categories that were then processed by a computer program to produce various charts and graphs., Själagårdsgatan 17, 111 31 Stockholm, 08-20 28 68,