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15 maj 2013
Sociologisk forskning nr 2 2013
Recension: Adrián Groglopo (2012) Approriation by Coloniality. Umeå universitet.
The PhD-thesis Appropriation by Coloniality TNCs, Land, Hegemony and Resistance: The Case of Botnia/UPM in Uruguay, was presented on Dec 18, 2012 at Umeå University., by Adrián Groglopo at the Department of Sociology. This qualitative and theory applying case study focus on the introduction of a large pulp mill in Uruguay in a free trade zone at a river bordering to Argentina by the transnational corporation Botnia/UPM. Groglopo is interested to understand how this transnational corporation (TNC) constructs a positive image of itself and a political, economic and cultural leadership, and how the affected community becomes fractured, dependent and resistant to the largely destructive consequences of the project. The study investigates this emerging political conflict through a short ethnographic fieldwork (with 22 interviews) in Uruguay and Argentina., Själagårdsgatan 17, 111 31 Stockholm, 08-20 28 68,